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Brush your clothes regularly and thoroughly.

Have garments cleaned regularly... even nominal accumulation of perspiration, grease, grit and dust particles impair the attractiveness and longevity of a garment. Garments cleaned regularly last longer.

When a garment has been stained, tell your dry cleaner about the staining substance; it is important for successful stain removal.

  • Do Not hang knitted garments for long periods of time. Hanging pulls them out of shape and causes a sagging hemline. Knits are best stored in a drawer...or folded over a padded hanger.
  • Do Not Use an under arm deodorant without using a shield to protect the garment from the deodorant. Allow the deodorant to dry before putting on the garment.
  • Do Not store garments at home without having them cleaned and mothproofed before storage. Be sure that the plastic is removed.
  • Do Not try and remove stains yourself. You may cause further damage. Take garment as soon as possible to professional dry cleaner.
  • Do Not try to remove a spill on linen or silk by rubbing with a cloth or paper towel and water. You will pull color and the garment will be ruined.

Symbols also may appear on a care label to supplement written instructions:

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